Blocking Video Advertisements with Firefox

The broadcast provider that we utilize has always included some advertising content, and we accept that that is often necessary in order for us to provide a free service. Unfortunately, our broadcast provider now automatically includes video advertising content that is inappropriate for viewing. We apologize if any of you have had to view such inappropriate advertising content. This content can be effectively blocked using trusted software programs, and we provide instructions below on how to do so.

Using Firefox, download the:
        Adblock Plus Add-on.
(If you see a pop-up warning that “Firefox prevented this site ( from asking you to install software on your computer”, click on Allow.)

Then in the “Software Installation” window, select “Adblock Plus” from the list and click on Install Now. After installing the Add-on, you will be prompted to restart Firefox. After restarting Firefox, you will be prompted to select a filter subscription for this Add-on. If you don’t see this prompt, you can get to it manually via Tools -> Adblock Plus -> Filter preferences -> Add filter subscription. Select the following subscription from the menu:
        EasyList (English)
and click on: Add subscription.

Now when you watch the broadcast using Firefox, you should not see any video advertisements.